NeoScan S80

  • Low contrast resolution 2 µm
    15 x better 3D resolution compared to microCT with 5um source spot size
  • X-ray source up to 110 kV
    Covering a wide range of applications like geology, composites, electronics, pharmaceutical, bone, dental, and many more
  • Fits objects up to 100 mm diameter and 200 mm length
    Generous sample size
  • Pixel size at maximum magnification: 0.35 µm
    Sub-micron detail detectability due to phase-contrast enhancement
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NeoScan S70

  • X-ray source up to 65 kV
    For use in polymer, geological, pharmaceutical, dental, bone applications and small electronic devices
  • Spatial resolution of 10 um
    Suitable for most day to day applications
  • Pixel size <5 um in full field-of-view of 15/30 mm
    Large format camera without compromising resolution
  • Low weight and compact design
    Fits your desk
  • Only requires USB3 connection
    Works with most laptops, tablets,...
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Temperaturestage Ice List

Temperature Controlled Stage

  • Cooling and heating
    One single accessory for temperature control above and below ambient temperature
  • -40°C below ambient up to +120°C
    A wide range of temperatures can be applied
  • Thermal stability for large volumes
    25W Peltier heatpump keeps objects up to several cubic cm at a selected temperature
  • No additional cables required
    Connection through slip rings embedded in NeoScan systems
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NeoScan Software

Neoscan microCT systems are supplied with an in-house developed all-in-one software tool for intuitive scanner control and processing data. From acquisition of a full series of 2D projection images, reconstruction into a 3D volume, to visualization and inspection of this volume in 2D and 3D, the software bundles all complementary steps from sample to result.

The Neoscan software package includes an intuitive user interface, which will guide you through your straightforward workflow, allowing to use it instantly. All final and intermediate results are stored in conventional file formats and can be imported to any other software.

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